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Content Marketing and Your Small Business

29 Dec

New Year, New Revenue Goals! Sales Enablement is a process that your small business needs to adapt to grow in 2020.


Take an honest look at your current state. When you examine your sales content assets, sales process, available technology, their complexity, and the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), are you engaging with your client throughout the buying journey or are you limiting yourself to old beliefs and systems?

10 Jun

Did you know that a Sales Enablement Initiative is meant for Small Businesses too? Here’s why.

Sales enablement is a concept that helps professionals in revenue generating roles to understand buyers’ needs through new prospecting techniques, sales training, leads analysis, as well as leveraging consumer-based technologies and multiple communication channels to target potential leads more effectively. Defined by Gartner Group as “The activities, systems, processes, and

14 May

Sales enablement practices that help you empathize with buyers

I came across a great article on https://lab.getapp.com/ by Abhishek Singh.  This is an excerpt from that article that I found as insightful information. It is important for small businesses to realize that they also benefit from Sales Enablement programs. Gartner defines sales enablement as follows: “The activities, systems, processes,

13 Mar

3 Keys to Achieving Sustainable Revenue Growth

Many businesses struggle to stay ahead of the competition, the day-to-day operations of the company are more than enough to keep a management team busy. The only focus is to continually attempt to maintain the status quo. That is not enough. Sometimes employees and managers are just too close to a problem inside an organization to see it or identify the root causes.

27 Sep

“Someday, somewhere, someone is going to write the Official Sales Dictionary…”

“Someday, somewhere, someone is going to write the Official Sales Dictionary. And it’s going to be awesome. Salespeople, sales leaders, sales trainers, sales operations, sales consultants, and everyone else will know with certainty what the other person is talking about.  Communications will be streamlined, and directions will be clear.” ~Salesforce Contributor Network

18 Sep

Do you know the terminology when it comes to content and document management projects?

In my many interactions with clients, there tends to be a need for an accurate understanding of the terminology when discussing content and/or document management project needs and requirements.  This is expected since this type of solution is new to organizations as they begin to investigate and review a needs analysis.