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New Year, New Revenue Goals! Sales Enablement is a process that your small business needs to adapt to grow in 2020.

29 Dec

Sales Enablement is not new. It has been around for many years. This process has been known by many names and when you look at the definition of sales enablement, you will recognize it. What has been adopted the past few years with calling the process of enabling your sales efforts and or teams, is the collaboration between marketing and sales. Bringing the two together rather than keeping them siloed within your business or organization.

Marketing and sales go hand in hand in growing revenue, recognition of your products or services and brand awareness. Take a look at the various social media sites. If you are in sales or marketing, you are posting. It is to you and your businesses’ benefit to be out there networking and sharing information that others will find valuable.

However, not everyone is consistent. This is where a sales enablement initiative comes into play. Sales assets, marketing collateral, and content are the big three that you need to have in your initiative for sustainable growth.

In a small business, you wear multiple hats.  Even if you have a few employees, they wear multiple hats as well.  This is just fine; however, it can become too much when you are looking to generate leads, grow your business, network, run the business and close sales for revenue.

As a small business owner, myself, for me to complete all that I need to do to grow as well as generate revenue, I needed to automate my sales and marketing efforts.  Enabling those efforts to assist me to work smarter, rather than harder.

And then there are those who just are not sure of how to go about creating the sales assets, marketing collateral, and content that is necessary to have the presence needed for your target markets and lead generation in order to reach your business goals.

With the collapsing product life cycles, small business owners can no longer count on their products to be their sustainable competitive edge.  So, in addition to focusing on what you sell, you now need to be placing more attention on how you sell.

Revenue generating roles require a broad variety of content assets to engage with their prospects and clients along the entire buyer’s journey.   

Content services include enablement of content assets such as playbooks, selling scripts, and email templates as well as customer-facing content that includes white papers, success stories, and references.   Using these sales assets in addition to sales tools will help convert more leads into customers.

Small businesses that want to give themselves an edge should consider either implementing a sales enablement solution or work with someone who can provide Sales Enablement as a Service.

You can’t be all roles in your business all of the time without experiencing burnout.

Take an honest look at your current state.   When you examine your sales content assets, sales process, available technology, their complexity, and the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), are you engaging with your client throughout the buying journey or are you limiting yourself to old beliefs and systems?


Lori Johnston, the founder of Allied Exchange, is a Management Consultant specializing in Sales Enablement, Sales Performance, and Process Transformation. She helps businesses with changes that are needed to activate sustainable and accelerated growth. With over 20 years of experience as a collaborative change leader, enabling the growth of successful teams and organizations, Lori is an efficiency champion for businesses facing challenges in an ever-expanding digital world. She is the Greater Los Angeles President for the National Association of Women Sales Professionals (NAWSP) and Innovation member of the International Association of Women (IAW). Her goal is to share her extensive knowledge and expertise with companies that are in search of fresh ideas and new perspectives to achieve their goals. Throughout her career, she has held various sales leadership roles within organizations. Building successful teams by combining her technical knowledge and business acumen.