You know what they say: “The best marketing is sales!”

Everything comes down to selling these days. You sell your skills, your image, and your brand whether you have your own business, make big deals as a corporate employee, or even work in an entry-level position. 

Lead generation, conversions, sales, referral business, social selling… Sales Enablement is critically important.

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Our mission is to enlighten, collaborate, and empower small business owners and their teams with tips, techniques, and knowledge.

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About our founder

Lori Johnston-Hipp
Founder & Chief Creative Officer,
Lori Johnston-Hipp

Lori Johnston is a Management Consultant specializing in Sales Enablement, Sales Performance, and Process Transformation.   She helps businesses with the changes that are needed to activate sustainable and accelerated growth.

Throughout her career, she has held various sales leadership roles. Building successful teams by combining her technical knowledge and business acumen. 

Now she is focused to help small business growth through Sales Enablement as a Service.

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